Angie Erickson

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MS Angie Erickson hails from the  city that has been rated. To have the most beautiul women in the world. The beautiful Sun City of El Paso, TX. Angie combines her intelligence, beauty and award winning character in  her photos. Angie is not only a super model. She is also one of the most educated models from the Sun City. Angie has a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering. Angie along  with her company, has designed and  engineered some of the most stupendous edifice engineered in  El Paso, TX.  Angie is a model that is headed for super stardom. Angie believes  that her body is a temple that should showcase her diverse ability to show the world, through art and photography, that she belongs in a league of her own. Her photos speak for themselves. Angie is very gifted, she  has the natural ability to make the camera smile and photographer jump for joy with her work. Angie works hard  to perfect her craft. Be on the look out for Angie on Billboards, Commercials near  you. Angie defines modeling in a way that makes her a super model like no other.

Photography Credits by the following Photographers: John BreatheEazzy Smith, Kash Kreations, Gilbert Cadena, Lui Cardenas, Sergio Zamora, Gio-X Photography, Doug Mungavin Photography and Derrick L Mims.

MUAs: Alicia Reyna, Willie Hamilton, Cyn Yvette Bejarano, Priscilla Rose Erickson and Patricia Yancey.

Special Thanks to Tony Man aka “Smoke Man”: Owner of one of EL Paso Finest Recording Studios. Paradox Studio

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