Have you found your WHY?

Have you found YOUR WHY???

March 8, 2012 at 11:06am

 By Melissa Ross, Mother and Entrepreneur
This article is the partial story of one strong mother who overcomes adversity everyday and remains positive, and focused….

Everyone says when you find your WHY it will be strong enough to get you through the hardest of times, strong enough to make you cry with just the thought of it and more powerful than any negative thought or negative thing said that normally would STOP you in your tracks from reaching YOUR GOALS.

My WHY is my son Zachary. We have been through some tough times and were actually homeless for a short period and had to crash on my mom’s couch for a couple weeks while I searched for a place to live in the bitter cold last Winter. Although we found a place to live we didn’t have our things for almost a month and slept on the freezing floor for weeks and weeks. We knew we had each other and our dogs and together we all snuggled for warmth. I won’t get into much more detail but for those of you that know me also know that both of us have health issues and many of our friends and family came through for us during this harsh time with necessities like clothes, toilet paper, food, etc. (I can’t thank you enough!)

My son has mild Cerebral palsey which basically means he had to learn to walk with braces and a walker and his fine motor skills are minimal as his left hand is very weak and kind of does what it wants, which most of the time isn’t much 🙁

I actually was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE, the most serious and deadly form) in 2000 at the age of 20 and had chemotherapy and extensive prednizone (steroid) treatments to try and prevent my own body from killing me off. In 2004 I had my first kidney transplant (thanks mom) and am currently on the transplant list again. Summer of 2011 I received a phone call from a friend talking about Body by Vi and I basically laughed in her face (but on the phone). I told her just send me the nutrition information because I have to be careful what I take and I’d think about it. So I looked at the information, researched the crap out of Body by Vi and for some reason couldn’t stop thinking “what if this is the one thing that can help me and I never give it a chance?” So I went to a challenge party, there were 7 FREE BMWs there, haha that caught my eye real quick, the shakes tasted great and the testimonies were fascinating. I couldn’t believe how something as simple as nutrition (THE RIGHT nutrition) could do all these amazing things. So I immediately got on the Vi-pak (vitamins) and the shakes and within 2 weeks my kidney function went up 3%. WHOA, is all I could say, I was BEAMING with the fact that as long as I could stabilize my function I wouldn’t need dialysis. How exciting was that 🙂 (I forgot to mention that I didn’t even waste any time just being a customer, I signed up with an ESS kit the NEXT day.) I didn’t have the money so I borrowed it from my sister, she knew it was important.

Visalus has this program since they don’t sell in stores OR advertise on television, billboards, etc….that if you REFER 3 you get next month FREE. I was like I’m a single mom, broke as hell, heck ya I already know I’m going to refer people I NEED FREE product just for survival. I also had it in my head that if I’m going to refer ppl to this product to get mine free then why would I want my friend to get all the financial benefits from my referrals. That thought got me to become a promoter. I made that $499 back in 3 weeks and felt better than I had in over TEN YEARS!!!! I used to take multiple 3 hour naps A DAY and now I take NONE. I used to get mad at my dogs for waking me up to go outside before the alarm, now I let them out with a smile. I used to toss and turn, now I sleep like a baby. PLUS without even trying I’m making money AND losing weight!!!

I couldn’t be more thankful and hopefully soon you will see my WHY and I helping thousands more people join the challenge who were just like us. At the bottom with nowhere to go but UP!!!! This is your UP, I hope you jump on the ride because it is a great one!!!!! The rewards of helping others feels so great and I’m teaching my son to be a better person for doing so. I love him more than the world but that is EXACTLY what I will give him because he deserves nothing less for keeping me from giving up during all of my struggles. Zachary Joseph Thomas you are my WHY and I love you with all my heart!!!!! The people I help and the empire I’m building are all because of YOU son!!!!!! Muahhh!


To find out more about these amazing products or to reach out and help, please contact Melissa via her website.  Thanks Everyone!

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