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As some of you may have heard, AT&T/Directv is now launching a new streaming service for your devices. Approx $35 a month and you have streaming TV! Pretty cool! In a previous article we posted about the Cord Cutter movement and how easy it was to delete some of those expensive cable bills. We now here is the whole in depth explanation of KODI and how it works. As well as how to set it up on all of your devices and enjoy television on your own terms. Some of you are familiar with Apple TV and Amazon Fire sticks, etc, etc, etc. Netflix being one of the main ones that comes to mind… Streaming services are the future of entertainment.

Continue reading below to get the goods!! As well as the most popular and reliable builds, Android TV boxes, and how to get the most of your new toys!! 🙂

A Step by Step Guide To KODI and Streaming Movies or TV Shows

By | July 1, 2016

A guide to Kodi and watching free Movies and TV shows

Kodi has become one of the best home entertainment systems available, and all for free.

Originally called XBMC (Xbox Media Center) it has evolved leaving behind the hardware limitations of the original Xbox and changing its name to Kodi.

Kodi can be installed on many different hardware platforms from a cheap desktop/laptop computer to a Raspberry Pi. There are even installs for an Apple TV.

Dedicated media center boxes and Android sticks can also be bought. If you don’t want to install and setup Kodi yourself than there are several to choose from.

Pre-Setup Kodi Media Center Box On Amazon
Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Streaming Media Mini PC [2GB/16GB/4K] Quad/Octo Core

After Kodi is installed to a media box it needs what are called Add-ons to take advantage of the content available.

Add-ons are like apps for a smartphone that are installed in Kodi and do what they are programmed to do.
A guide to Kodi and watching free Movies and TV shows 2

For example Exodus is a popular add-on that allows you to stream movies and TV shows with Kodi.
A Newbie Guide To Kodi

There are different sections in Kodi that a add-on will be in after it is installed, including Pictures, Video, Music, Programs, and System.
How to install Kodi media center

Exodus would be under Video after being installed.

How To Install Kodi
Installing Kodi depends on which hardware you plan to use.

To keep it simple Kodi can be installed on a old computer, Mac or PC, and setup as a dedicated media center.

To do this simply go to the Kodi download page and download the install that works for your machine.

A Guide To Kodi and Watching Free Movies and TV Shows Updated 2016

When downloading Kodi be sure to write down the version such as Isengard or Jarvis as it will be needed later to install Add-ons.

The install for Windows or a Mac is easy by simply following the instructions.

The install to a Apple TV or a Raspberry Pi the setup is more difficult.

Read Here for How to Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3.

How To Install Add-ons
Add-ons can be installed in two ways, one from a zip file downloaded from the creators site, or two from a pre-setup repository.

Using a pre-setup repository such as SuperRepo or Fusion is the most common method. Repositories are useful since the good ones will have all the plug-ins on a list and will install them for you automatically when selected.

Here are the most popular plugins/add-ons of 2016

Here are the steps to installing Exodus repository There is a video below the screenshots for a step by step install of Exodus.
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install

From the main menu go to SYSTEM –> File Manager
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install Windows 10 PC
Click Add Source
Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install Windows 10 PC

Select None
Exodus Install Windows PC

Type the following URL into the box. Be sure it is typed in correctly and click done.
Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install How To

Click in the next box down titled “Enter a name for media source” and type in Fusion.

At his point double check everything has been typed in correctly and click the OK button.
Fusion Exudus Inatall Into Kodi

From the main menu click System–>Settings
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install Windows 7

Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install Tutorial

Install from a zip file
Kodi Install From a Zip file

A box will slide open from the side. Click Fusion
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install Tutorial Fusion Exodus

xbmc repos

xbmc english

Click It may take a few seconds to install and update.
Exodus Install Into Kodi

Go back by using the back arrow and click Install from repository
Install from repository

Exodus repository
Exodus repository

Video add-ons
Kodi Video add-ons Exodus

Click Exodus and than install. It will take a few minutes to download and install.
Click Exodus and than install

After it is done installing it will be located in the Video–> addons from the main menu.


Install Method 2 Direct Download and Install
The above method is the most common way to install a repository and add-on into Kodi.

If the above method doesn’t work for you than a repository can also be downloaded to your Kodi device and than installed manually.

Here are the Manual steps for downloading and installing Fusion and Exodus.
Go to the fusion repository here download the which contains Exodus.

Exodus Kodi Install 2016 NEW

Save it to a folder. Don’t extract it or open it as it needs to be installed from within Kodi.

If you are using a PC computer save the files to the hard-drive C: or external media such as a flash drive. Kodi will not see the file located in the Desktop or Download folder on a Windows computer.
Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Windows PC

For Android Kodi box users it will be saved in the download folder.
Manual Install of Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Windows PC Kodi Box

Open Kodi and go to System–>Setting
Lambda Fusion Install Kodi Box

Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Exodus Addon

Installing from zip file .
Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Exodus Addon Zip File

A box will slide open point it to were were the file ( was saved to. Click it will load it into Kodi

Exodus Kodi Install 2016 NEW Done

It will need to be enabled from within the installed repository. Follow step 13 above on for how to enable it.

Why dont I see Exodus?
Exodus is located in the Fusion/Exodus repository a long as Fusion/Exodus is installed into Kodi Exodus it will show up when enabled.

To see which repositories you have installed go to System–>Settings–>Add-ons–>Install From Repository . All the installed Repositories will be shown.

Clicking on a repository will also show the add-ons it contains.
A Guide to KOdi 2016 and Installing Add-ons Install from a Repository

Why dont I see the Add-on I am looking for?
Each add-on will be located in its own repository, so adding the repository it is in will be necessary.

For example 1Channel is located in the tknorris repository.

Click here for instructions for how to install 1Channel.

When I click a link to a TV show or movie the link doesn’t work or buffers.
This does happen and the more popular Kodi becomes the more the servers/sources can at times become overwhelmed.

This is the reason many sources will come up on a list. If one source link does not work go to the next link. If it starts to buffer stop the video and move on to another link.
Kodi FAQ Pic 1
Most often a good source can be found within 2-3 links depending on the time of day.



TOP WORKING KODI Video Add-ons 2016


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