LaBeouf To Soulja Boy: You’re A Dummy, I’ll Come To Atlanta Whenever I Want

 LaBeouf To Soulja Boy: You’re A Dummy, I’ll Come To Atlanta Whenever I Want (LISTEN)

In Shia LaBeouf‘s final freestyle, the actor clapped back at Soulja Boy for trying to ban him from Atlanta. Who told Soulja that he had that type of power, we have no idea.

After coming for rappers like the “Crank Dat” artist, Lil Yachty, Drake and more in his “Breakfast Club” freestyle; LaBeouf really left a bad taste in Soulja’s mouth. “You a b**ch ass n**ga, you can’t never come to Atlanta, you can’t never come to the streets in the hood,” Soulja said, after hearing the actor’s diss. “You can never live my life, you need to stick to acting, real s**t n**ga.”

So now, the “Transformers” celeb wants to let Soulja, Yachty and the rest of the rappers that he named know, that he isn’t one to be messed with. In audio given to Real 92.3 LA’s Big Boy — because yes, #BigBoyMoved — LaBeouf basically told Soulja that he’ll come to the ATL whenever he feels like it.

“That’s my profession homes/ I’m an accessible spectacle/ I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule is flexible,” he raps. “Dealing with dummies/ Both of you should take some classes…Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust/ This my last line cuz you cats ain’t rapping much.”

Listen to the actor’s last firing shots above.

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