11 Brands with the Nicest Interiors

Brands With The Best Interiors

The automotive press is especially tough to please when it comes to interiors. While it is not surprising to see perfect 10 out of 10 safety scores, top-notch predicted reliability ratings, and many performance scores that exceed 9 out of 10, this is not the case for interior scores.

U.S. News Best Cars scoring data reveals that there is not a single automaker that earned higher than an 8.4 overall interior score. Furthermore, of all the vehicles ranked, only four models achieved a 9 or better. Why do automotive interiors deserve such scrutiny?

We spend a great deal of time in our vehicles, whether it’s a long commute (for many of us, this is our only alone time), or carpooling trips to and from school, along with a host of other activities. There is an expectation that we will be comfortable and satisfied, with adequate space, user-friendly features and quality materials.

Interior materials and technology have improved by leaps and bounds as of late, with many non-luxury vehicles boasting upscale cabins and top-notch infotainment systems. There is no excuse for offering vehicles with mediocre interiors, when affordable cars like the Honda Civic and the Chevrolet Impala – both winners of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Cars for the Money award – provide outstanding cabins.

With all of life’s mounting stresses, who doesn’t appreciate a feature-filled vehicle that is cozy and inviting? Read on to see which brands offer the nicest cabins, and the models that received the highest interior scores.

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