Miss Erika Graham

We want to present to some, introduce to others. Miss Erika Graham who is your Miss El Paso Belleza Latina 2017. Erika has demonstrated that anyone. Who sets their mind,  to accomplish their goals. Can do it by hard work. Not only is Erika one of the most beautiful queens you will ever want to meet, with a great personality.  Erika devotes as many hours as her schedule permits to her community. Erika is one of the most humble beauty queens you will ever want to meet.  She Competed for the Texas title February of 2016 and placed first runner up. One of her greatest accomplishments to this day has been becoming an independent homeowner at the age of 23. While maintaining her household, she is a full time student at El Paso Community College pursuing a Forensic Accounting degree. Erika is also employed full time by the District Attorneys office. Erika is currently in the process of becoming a police officer for the El Paso Police Department for the June 2017 academy. She hopes to inspire and empower not only Hispanic women but all women, too pursue their dreams. She hopes to prove and break the stereotype that woman with  beauty and brains. “Can’t  do a mans job”. By showing everyone is created equal. With hard work. Everyone has the same ability to achieve and do the job as it is required, in any field. Hers being Law Enforcement.

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