Kristine Mirelle

We want to introduce to some and present to others. Kristine Mirelle who is one of the most outstanding Entrepreneurs you will ever want to meet. Her overall dedication, defines what being a pure leader is all about. Kristine ability to win the hearts of the world. In a way like no other person can. Is what makes her so magnetic in her way. Her very humble personality. Is a prime example of why she has become a global ambassador to and for the world. Most people may not know it. But Kristine wrote a song called “Let Go”. If  you have not heard it. You will definitely want to hear it. Most people compare her overall talents to Alicia Keys or Prince. The way she produces and writes her music. Which carries over into the business world. Kristine has shown in more ways than one. You can accomplish anything. When you set your mind and heart to it.

Kristine Mirelle is a Mexican/American singer/songwriter and pianist from Roswell NM. She currently resides in Los Angeles CA and actively performs 5 nights a week. Her work bears resemblances to the likes of Lilly Allen, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Rey.  Her genre of music can be described as Pop Retro Soul.

In her earlier years she performed and competed in National classical piano competitions around the US. She won 4 consecutive National Sonata competitions and was inducted into the International Piano Guild at age 12. One of her most popular subjects for interviews was her life she chose as a traveling musician selling her music door to door in neighborhoods all over the country. She traveled the United States selling her music in local neighborhoods and singing on people’s doorsteps.

She also volunteered in various countries around the world raising money via her viral fanbase and also going door to door selling her music. South Africa, Thailand, India, and Peru were all countries she visited volunteering and performing in special education centers and AIDS stricken communities.

Kristine also started a Mexican food brand in 2009 called “Lil Kristi’s” consisting of health conscious tortilla chips and salsas. Her products can be found in popular grocery stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and 70+ grocery stores in New Mexico. (See to learn more)

Along with her passion for music, her passion for life has created a foundation for her ambitions. Kristine Mirelle continues to be an example of instrument mastery and vocal ability in a time when true musicians are scarce. Kristine Mirelle currently lives in Hollywood CA. Visit for list of shows and more info.

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