Is There A Magic Sex Number That Equals Relationship Happiness?

Is There A Magic Sex Number That Equals Relationship Happiness?

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A friend recently told me that she and her boyfriend tend to have sex at least 10 times a week. My response:

That’s more times than there are days in a week! No judgement of course. But it did get me thinking, is there a normal amount of sex those in relationships should be having? Does having more sex make a couple happier or more likely to stay together? For an answer, I turn to that trusty muse named science.

A recent study from the University of Toronto-Mississauga concluded, “for people in relationships, sexual frequency is no longer significantly associated with well-being at a frequency greater than once a week.” In other words, whether you and your significant other are doing it once a week or 10 times a week has little to do with your overall happiness as a couple.

Couples that do the deed fewer than 1 times per week tend to have more relationship drama, and not the good kind. It makes sense. They’re probably both sexually frustrated. I don’t know about y’all, but when I’m sexually frustrated, I can get peeved quite quickly.

The results are interesting given how the media tends to skew towards the idea that more sex equals stronger relationships. But science has spoken, and that just isn’t the case. Maybe it has to do with how meaningful the sex is. Like, if you and your hubby have amazingly passionate sex once a week, then that’s equivalent to 4-5 sessions of mediocre lovemaking? I mean, I’m no scientist so I obviously can’t say for certain. But I can’t wait to find a significant other with whom to test out the theories!!

What do you think? Is once a week enough to stay happy and satisfied?

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