A grapefruit is now considered as one of the world’s healthiest food for the human beings. It is an excellent source of nutritional vitamin C which completely supports a human immune system. Vitamin C rich foods like this grapefruit will surely help reducing the symptoms and severities of the cold. It is a proven result over 20 studies that vitamin C is a very good cold fighter. This is why many doctors suggest taking grapefruits when the people are having more cold symptoms.

It is better taking rich red colored and pink colored grapefruit instead of white color grapefruit. The red and pink color grapefruit contains more amounts of carotenoid phytonutrient and lycopene. Actually, these dark pink and red colors of grapefruits are due to these two ingredients. These are completely healthy for the humans to get anti-tumor activity, fight oxygen free radicals, and regenerate damaged cells.


When you are planning to take a grapefruit for getting all these health benefits, it is compulsory to understand how to cut a grapefruit. There are some easy methods to easily cut the grapefruit without losing its juice. The grapefruit is a healthy and tasty citrus fruit which can be enjoyed plainly or in the different beverages or salads. You can cut this fruit in many different ways whether you wish to slice it, enjoy it with its inner half, or section it.


Method 1: Divide a grapefruit into sections

  1. In the first step, you need to cut off both sides of the grapefruit by placing it on its end on the cutting board. You can use a sharp knife for cutting a grapefruit into several sections of 0.6 cm which is ¼ inches. You can cut these sections away from a round point at the end of a grapefruit.
  2. Turn a grapefruit to face anyone cutting end. You should cut off the sections simply from one end to another end.
  3. You need to make several ¼ inches slices with each grapefruit.
  4. Now you have made grapefruit slices and you can use a knife to completely peel it.
  5. Cut off every section using the sharp knife after peeled off.


Method 2: Halving your grapefruit

  1. Cut the ends of a grapefruit and turn on its side.
  2. Now, you have to cut it in half from the top to bottom with the sharp knife.
  3. You need to cut your grapefruit around its diameter. It will help you to separate the sections of the grapefruit from its peel.
  4. Then, cut from side to side each segment of your grapefruit.


Method 3: Make a grapefruit into slices

  1. In this cutting method also you need to cut the ends of the grapefruit and turn on its side.
  2. From the top to bottom, make several slices of the grapefruit using the knife.
  3. Then if you want, you can cut the slices again. This step is option for everyone.


With all these three grapefruit cutting methods, you can easily cut a grapefruit to taste it or prepare some recipes using it.

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