Priceless value of treating a woman like the queen she is

The moment we as men,  begin to treat a woman as a queen. Who is deserving of royal treatment. Is the moment we as a nation. Will realize from whence we came. Where and why we got where we are. To where we are going. Then we will cherish and know why,  she is to be valued.

Let’s begin with the negative languages we as a people use. Society has gotten to the point,  that it’s OK so name call as if it’s a welcomed Brand. Which brings about a society of acceptance.

The subconscious mind inherit the power to nurture the conscious being. Which dictates who we are. That being said. When a woman is treating like a queen. The world we live in. Becomes refreshing in many ways. Regardless of what anyone thinks. It’s is her who is the giver and mother of life. As designed by our creator. It’s is her,  who is priceless in ways. It’s is her who bears the seed of life. In which that great nation,  gets to where it is.

When this male dominated egotistical society. Realizes. By treating her like the queen she is. Will know she is not a doormat, not less than, not a trophy. But a queen who also gives birth to a wise nation. She is the one who is equal in every way.

Being an effective communicator to her needs and wants. Will and can only build a more solid foundation. Realizing her place as our Creator intended her to be,  as a Helpmate,  side by side. Not how or what man thinks. Will make her and our nation a better places to live in.

To make her heart smile. By doing the simple things to leave,  a footprint of happiness in her soul. Will make this nation understand,  in many ways. Her value and the Nation value as a whole.

We must find a way to change the ways of what we say, do and treat her. She is a Goddess,  Queen,  Mother,  Daughter,  Sister etc..  To all. Ladies. Demand respect and you will get it. The greatest gift you have. Is not what’s between your legs. But what God has put on your shoulders. That’s wisdom and a BRAIN that is second to none!!.





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