Will President Trump and his Administration listen to Millions of Women who marched all over the world?

Millions of women marched in peaceful demonstration. All around the world. But only for wines right. But rights for all.

There are many reasons why they came together. That being said. Will President Trump and his administration listen?  Will they act on the message,  millions of women are sending?  How will they act?  Will they at least compromise?  How soon will they act?

Many respect the office of the President of the United States. Many just want President Trump to show them the same respect. That’s not to much to ask.

When it comes to Affordable Health Care,  Abortion,  Border Security,  Ban and or tight restrictions on people of color,  regardless of religion. Will the new administration listen?

A good sign would have been for the President or Cabinet member to have addressed the issues concerning women from all over the world by now.

Let us hope the administration will take action soon. Address the needs of the people. There has never been a movement like what we witnessed,  January 21st 2017. A movement that is the beginning.

One thing is for sure. If President Trump and his Cabinet. Disregards what women and the public is saying. Then it’s definitely four years and out. Demacrats will begin to retake control of Congress and Senate.


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