Luke Stangel , Contributing writer

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San Jose-based Adobe is raising subscription prices for Creative Cloud on its British and Swedish customers, blaming declining currency values in those countries. It’s the company’s second currency-related price hike in less than a year.

In the UK, the value of the pound fell about 16 percent following the country’s decision to leave the European Union. Adobe didn’t say publicly how much it planned to raise subscription rates on various plans, telling customers they’d reach out to them individually. On Twitter, British customers complained their subscription rates were rising between



In Sweden, the value of the krona has fallen more than 7 percent since December.

Adobe isn’t the only technology company raising prices. Last month, Apple said the falling value of the pound forced it to raise App Store prices in the UK by 25 percent. Tesla, HP, Microsoft, Dell, OnePlus and others also raised their prices post-Brexit.

“We monitor currency fluctuations and make adjustments only when necessary,” Adobe wrote. “Our ability to align with fluctuations in currency rates will enable us to continually innovate and deliver great value through our products and services.”

In a post last year, Adobe noted it’s also lowered prices when a currency rebounds.