17 genius life hacks that every dog owner should know

Being a dog owner isn’t always easy. But if you ask one, they’ll tell you it is absolutely worth. No one is ever more excited to see you than your dog, and no one is better to snuggle up with.


There are, however, things you can do to make caring for your furry friend easier on you and easier on them. Here are 17 hacks that every dog owner should know.

Use Essential Oils Instead of Chemical Flea, Tick Repellents

Store bought tick and flea repellents are not only insanely expensive, but they are filled with toxic chemicals. If you wouldn’t want it on you, you shouldn’t put it on your pet. Use can use citronella, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar, or lemongrass essential oils as a natural alternative. Here‘s a recipe for all natural tick repellent.

Source: Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer

Use a Pillowcase Over Your Dog Bed


Tossing a pillowcase over your dog’s bed makes it easy to clean since you can just switch out the cases.

Put a Tennis Ball in Their Food

Does your dog scarf down his or her food was too fast? Yeah… mine too! You can drop a tennis ball in the middle of their bowl to help them slow down.

Use a Carabiner When You’re Walking Multiple Dogs

Use an oversized carabiner to hold dog leashes when you’re walking multiple dogs. This gives your dogs some more freedom and gives you a better grip. You can also use it to secure your dog’s leash to a post.

Use Shower Caps During Bath Time

Place a shower cap on your pup to prevent water and soap from getting in their eyes and ears during bath time. It’s also ridiculously cute.

Source: Pinterest

De-matt Your Dog With Baby Powder

If your furry little buddy has matted fur, you can use baby powder to loosen it before you brush it out.

Store Dog Food in a Plastic Pitcher

This method both keeps your dog’s dry food fresh AND makes it easy to pour out.

Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Hair

You can substitute a lint roller with rubber gloves to get pet hair off of your clothing and furniture. If it doesn’t work dry, try wetting the glove.

Ease Nervousness With Lavender

You can place a few drops of lavender essential oil on your dog’s collar or on a bandanna to help calm a stressed out dog.

Source: Good Dog in a Box

Learn Lifesaving Techniques for Pets

Knowing CPR and the Heimlich is essential when you have a dog. You can learn these techniques here.

Baking Soda and Vinegar For Accidents

If your dog has an accident, you can use baking soda and vinegar to get rid of the urine smell. Use a paper towel to soak everything up, then spray the area with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part baking soda. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes, then use a paper towel to soak it up.

Sprinkle some more baking soda on the spot and vacuum it up once it is dry. Remember to keep your pets away from the area until it’s vacuumed because baking soda can be toxic to them.

Use Peanut Butter Pops to Hide Pills

Put some peanut butter (or organic sugar-free applesauce) in an ice tray and pop in your dog’s pill. Then add more peanut butter on top and freeze them. You can even add toothpicks with the days of the week on them as reminders for yourself.

Refillable Dog Bowl

Use a soda bottle to make a refillable dog bowl. Get the directions here.

Source: Instructables

Trick Your Dog With Food

If your dog is being stubborn when you call them inside, trick them into coming in by saying a word for food that they recognize like “cookie” or “treat.” It’s kind of mean but at least they will come home safe if they get loose or are roaming around past dark.

Parsley For Stinky Breath

Put some parsley in your dog’s food to get rid of their stinky breath.

Put Toothpaste on a Bone

If your dog refuses to let you brush his or her teeth, then try putting toothpaste on one of their chew bones or rope toys. They won’t even realize that they are actually brushing their teeth.

Rub Your Dog With a Dryer Sheet During a Storm


Keep your dog calm during a storm by rubbing them with a dryer sheet. This will neutralize the electric charge in the air which can upset animals.

Source: YouTube

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